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As mentioned before, you can check your current keyboard layout configuration with the following command:.

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Displaying the Keyboard Settings In the following output, you can see the keyboard layout configured for the virtual console and for the X11 window system. Listing Available Keymaps.

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To list all available keyboard layouts that can be configured on your system, type:. Searching for a Particular Keymap You can use grep to search the output of the previous command for a specific keymap name.

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There are often multiple keymaps compatible with your currently set locale. For example, to find available Czech keyboard layouts, type:.

Setting the Keymap. To set the default keyboard layout for your system, use the following command as root :. Replace map with the name of the keymap taken from the output of the localectl list-keymaps command.

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Unless the --no-convert option is passed, the selected setting is also applied to the default keyboard mapping of the X11 window system, after converting it to the closest matching X11 keyboard mapping. This also applies in reverse, you can specify both keymaps with the following command as root :. If you want your X11 layout to differ from the console layout, use the --no-convert option.

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With this option, the X11 keymap is specified without changing the previous console layout setting. Setting the X11 Keymap Separately Imagine you want to use German keyboard layout in the graphical interface, but for console operations you want to retain the US keymap. If not, then try again with different options. Menu Cart 0.

How to change the keyboard language in OS X

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  • For this, you need to open a terminal window and run the Raspberry Pi configuration tool with this command: sudo raspi-config This will open the configuration tool. Move down to and select Internationalisation Options: On the next screen, choose 'Change Keyboard Options': Unless you have one of the keyboards in the list shown on the next screen, choose one of the Generic keyboards: On the next page you will be presented with the language choices for the current keyboard.

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    • At this stage it is best to choose the default for the keyboard layout: And unless you need a compose key, set 'no Compose key': And finally you should choose NOT to terminate the X server GUI if you press Control-Alt-Backspace, as it's annoying to accidentally close the GUI when you are in the middle of using it!