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This is a fork of Meld packaged and bundled for OSX. Minor work has been done to also integrate OSX menu and shortcuts, but the app is truly the original, excellent Meld.

Compare directories via diff - Mac OS X Hints

You may download any of the following versions. The 3. Please note that your issue has to be specific to the OSX fork and not to Meld itself. There good clients available for OSX like svnX. I too am trying to keep a desktop and a laptop in sync - both running OSX. Of course the laptop has much less hd space which means I need to be selective.

Change You Can See with P4Merge

I have been using Unison very successfully so far for documents in general and for certain application preferences. It is very fast and a pleasure to use. The complications come in due to the fact that applications do not always play nice with copying preferences and the like. For some apps, I haven't figured out which pref and support files are safe to copy. For example, taking a simple-minded approach to syncing causes MS Office to sort of re-install itself each time. Firefox preference copying is also not obvious to me. Is anyone else sync'ing app preferences and executables? Also, I am curious how people are using Subversion.

This hint makes me realise I'm not alone in thinking there must be simpler solution to the problem of keeping a directory in sync between work and home computers, without having to lug an external hard drive around.

I need to keep a large about 5GB directory of pdf files in sync between a work PC and a home Mac, all sorted into appropriate sub-directories. I currently do this manually by copying any changed files onto a flash memory stick and then copying them onto the other machine when I get home.

P4merge Tutorial

The flash drive is not big enough to contain a copy of the entire directory, but can easily hold just the changed files. Ideally, some little program or script would identify added or changed files, copy them to the flash drive, then put them into the corresponding sub-directory when the flash drive was connected to the other machine.

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Then it would repeat the process in the opposite direction. Synchronization utilities are no good as they require a disk big enough to hold the entire directory. Unison is no good as it requires a network connection between the 2 machines which most admins baulk at. Anyone have any other ideas?

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  • I noticed a long time ago that we don't have dircmp in OS X; since I guess it was only released in sysv unixes. I've noticed this good informational page from the rdiff-backup site -- related info from rdiff-backup. I have a question about this hint I'm not too well versed in terminal, but I'd love to do this with my two music folders one on my external HD,and one on my internal.

    Do I put all of that code into terminal including the " "s in one line, or do I run them as three separate commands in succession?

    Difference between internal and external command in Mac OS X Terminal

    Also, where does this diffs. Put it all on one line. The diff. Additionally, most menus, links and buttons appear on the left side of the browser.

    There’s no comparison.

    This makes you have to move your mouse further on average when you need to access the menu. Can you edit the toolbar on chrome browser for mac.

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