Coastal scents 88 shimmer palette mac dupes

It took me years to purchase all of my brushes and I still want more.

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Kiss and Makeup New member. Purzebuzz on youtube did a video where she opened hers up for the first time on camera and she was really excited about them. The colors are small dime shaped but I've heard they're really pigmented and you don't need a lot. I have a couple of their brushes and I really like them.

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I have the skunk brush which doesn't shed as much as I thought it would a dupe of the which I don't like for the , but it's still a good brush! I also really like the fact they have a sale right now.. This brush is absolutely amazing. If you have an eyeshadow that doesn't have good payout with one coat, and you have to do multiples, this brush packs it on. The bristles are SO thick and SO stiff that it really works. Sass E New member. Re: Coastal Scents Pallets and ELF Cosmetics My advice would be to search the Coastal Scents website for reviews of the brushes they offer and start your collection with them rather than a cheap set on ebay.

For the price you'll get very good quality brushes.

The Fascinator

I love their badger brushes and their MAC dupes are very decent, imo. Also if you sign up for their newsletter you will get Friday email deals and sometimes they do have sales on their brushes and that will save you even more money. I haven't ordered the neutral pallet from them yet but that is definitly on my list and apparently there are a lot of really good MAC dupes in that pallet.

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I've purchased elf products and the only item I like is the lipgloss. I've tried a few of their other products and wasn't really that impressed. The brushes, I've owned a few and they were horrible, went straight to the trash. As far as MAC don't forget there are a lot of people on here offering MAC and other brands at a great discount so you can slowly build your collection as your budget allows.

They sell them at target. It's soft yet has resistance so the color goes right where you want it.

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  8. It's one of my everyday brushes. You've got to try that one! It's comparable to MAC , but the way the brush is angled, like an "L" shape with the bristles at the end of the short side, makes it easier to put on eyeliner in a straight line. Now I'm definitely going to get it! Actually, the matte one isn't completely matte.

    I ordered this one after I bought the shimmer pallet and was surprised to find both finishes in it. It was a minor disappointment for me as I had paid for shipping twice to get both pallets they were sold out of the matte one when I bought the shimmer and you can't add items to a pending order and instantly noticed a couple of as far as I can tell redundancies between the two.

    But for only 20something bucks a pop, I personally couldn't just pick one! Coastal Scents. BH Cosmetics and Coastal Scents are both cosmetic lines that offer quality beauty products at an affordable price everyone can afford to buy! A couple of years ago I purchased my first Coastal Scents order consisting of the 88 original eyeshadow palette right picture above , the 32 lip colour palette and the 10 blush colour palette.

    $2 EYESHADOWS?! - Coastal Scents - SWATCHES & DUPES - 45 SHADES!

    From memory it took about 2 weeks for delivery from America and everything was packaged nicely with bubble wrap, etc to prevent any damages. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the products as it was so cheap! Everything was really pigmented. The only downside really was that with the eyeshadow there was some fallout, so I always had to tap my brush off before applying otherwise it'd be all over my face! This has a lot of crazy colors I never thought I would use, would … Read more.

    Coastal Scents Revealed Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches – Musings of a Muse

    About reviewer reviews. I purchased this for 8 dollars last summer and its a good investment if you use tons of bright colors. Very pigmented, very inexpensive and a huge variety. I don't recall any duds in this palette either. About reviewer 49 reviews. I love this product I did a review on it. About reviewer 2 reviews. Right out the gate let me explain why I love this palette, but wouldn't buy it again.

    Coming Round to Coastal Scents

    As with most palettes there are shades you love and hit pan on pretty quickly, shades you don't love as much but still use, and shades you used once and hated or know you'll never use. Because of that you can go to the Coastal Scents website and buy their Hot Pots. They are larger, slightly better … Read more. About reviewer 60 reviews. It was always there in a pinch to matchup some outfit or a last min costume. But you get what you pay for, a lot of the little pots keep popping out only to be lost. The makeup breaks very easily too.


    Good luck committing to a color, or giving a tutorial with any clarity, the colors are nameless and you cannot … Read more. While it does come with 88 colours, upon swatching all of them, it's something closer to 30 colours and that's pushing it! A lot of the colours are the same - while they look different in the pot, swatched they look very much the same. The shimmers in this palette are all cool toned shimmers. On that note, this palette is not suitable for the yellow-toned people and … Read more.

    About reviewer 6 reviews. When I ordered this product, I was very excited for it.