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This was Fleetwood Mac proving that they were still relevant. But the best thing about the album is its songs. Particularly its first side. A song so perfect that its very existence makes you happy to be alive. Perhaps the only thing really missing from Tango is a little more Stevie Nicks. It was in the wake of Tango… that Buckingham left the band for the first time, to be replaced on the ensuing tour by session players Rick Vito and Billy Burnette.

He admitted his solo career was becoming his priority. Mick Fleetwood later expressed regret at how little kudos Buckingham got for his part in Tango….

Tango In The Night turns 30 - A reflection on the legacy of the legendary Fleetwood Mac album

Features Music News Lists. Thursday 11 October pm. Share Facebook Twitter Mail Whatsapp. Most of that back-clash might come from the fact that Tango In The Night is quite possibly the most pop-sounding album the former blues-rockers have ever released.

The Stevie Nicks-lead Seven Wonders could have also been part of one of her stand-alone albums while the Christine McVie tracks Everywhere and Little Lies are almost too cheesy radio hits although they proved that the band was still able to write proper hit singles back then. The recording process was quite a struggle, took 18 months and especially Stevie Nicks became a force of unreliability as her legendary cocaine addiction forced her to check into rehab more than once.

Welcome To The Room… Sara is a song about that scenario and although Nicks is less present than on previous album her distinctive voice still manages to provide goosebumps whenever she takes over the microphone. Tango In The Night turned out to be too shiny and polished, unfolding itself as an almost desperate attempt to create a mainstream album.

Fleetwood Mac ‘Tango in the Night’ Deluxe Edition Arrives

They would take their turns doing their parts on the record. There wasn't as much togetherness, cohesiveness. Droman recalls that the mixing sessions, also at Buckingham's house, were focused and meticulous. The crew worked with two analog machines "Basically you're working with 46 tracks — I want to say pretty much every song was all 46 tracks," he says and had to do a variety of quick maneuvers while mixing, including ensuring mutes were turned on and off at the right moments and faders were set properly.

We would take easily a week to mix a song. Sometimes we'd mix a song and Lindsey would think of another part he wanted to put on, and we'd start the whole thing all over again," he laughs.

Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits Full Album HQ

The crew ended up deciding to use a new piece of equipment — a digital tape-based, two-track machine made by Sony — to capture the audio that would end up being mastered, since the digital tape preserved more detail. The analog machine 'smeared' the sounds.

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Because of the trio's working process, and the limitations of the then-new digital recording technology, sections of the delicate digital tapes had to be manually cut and spliced together. Unfortunately, when the record was mastered, these splices started glitching, marring the sound of the record and causing panic. That was all we had; there was no backup or anything back then. These glitches were eventually fixed for the finished "Tango in the Night," although Droman thinks he can still hear small remnants of the crisis.

I know it's not. Over time, the intense "Tango in the Night" sessions took a toll on Droman, and he started having panic attacks. I couldn't tell what was going on. I was kind of freaking out. After the record wrapped, he took a long while to decompress. I couldn't even hear it anymore. In fact, after leaving Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham tapped Droman to once again work on his temporarily abandoned solo record.

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  6. This LP eventually saw the light of day in as "Out of the Cradle. Fleetwood Mac, meanwhile, has done its part to help "Tango in the Night" reach new audiences. Dashut, meanwhile, remains fiercely proud of the record. Just as painfully, his long-term, close friendship with Buckingham dissipated after the record was completed. Dashut would love to work with him again, however, and is leaving the door wide open for a reconciliation. And I hope we do get back in touch in these next few months. In fact, he has nothing but high praise for Buckingham.

    And he's very well directed in his art, he's very opinionated. He's a true believer that art's not exactly a democratic process. It's usually done by one person with a vision: the artist. And I always saw myself as like the clownfish that could swim in the sea anemone and not get stung.

    Fleetwood Mac – hear an unreleased version of Seven Wonders

    He could be brash; he could be harsh. He was very motivated. He always kept his eye on the prize, which is about quality music. That was the end-all, be-all: making a great record. And nothing would stop him. And if you would slow him up or impede that process in any way, you'd get run over. That was just what it is. Fortunately, the results proved him right. Annie Zaleski is a Cleveland-based journalist who writes regularly for The A.

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    5. He was very motivated": The real story behind Fleetwood Mac's "Tango in the Night" Lindsey Buckingham's producer and engineer toiled day and night for 18 months to make the triple platinum album Show Comments.