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Open Finder , click Go in the top menu bar, and then click Applications. If your printer has an automatic document feeder ADF , you can use it to scan multiple page documents at one time. Select your printer name in the Scanner menu, and then select a scan job type from the Presets menu. Click the down arrow in the upper right corner of the window to view and change scan color, orientation, and quality settings. Click the thumbnail of the scanned item in the left panel to display it in the main preview pane. Click Edit to adjust colors, straighten the scan, or crop the size.

To save your scans to a folder on the Mac, click Send in the bottom right corner of the window, and then click Folder. In the window that displays, click Where to select a folder, and then click Save. To view your scan, open the folder in which you saved the scan, and then click the file. Read the following sections for detailed steps to complete other common scanning tasks.

Click the Format menu, and then select PDF. Scan to email If your printer has a scan to email shortcut on the control panel, and a local email client such as Apple Mail is installed on the Mac, you can scan to email. On the Mac, open Finder , and then click Go in the top menu bar. On the printer control panel, navigate to the scan menu or icon, select your computer name, and then find scan to email shortcuts such as Email as PDF or Email as JPEG. If no scan to email shortcuts display , your printer does not support scanning to email.

Manually attach the file to your email message. If scan to email shortcuts display , continue to the next step. Return to the Applications folder on the Mac, and then confirm that Mail or Mail. If Mail or Mail. Some local email clients or apps might not be compatible with the scan to email feature. On the printer control panel, select the scan to email shortcut that applies to your scan job. If Mail is activated , an email message automatically opens on the Mac with the scan attached. If Mail is not activated , follow the on-screen instructions to set up the app with your email provider, and then try sending the scan again.

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Edit scan color, quality, size, and orientation Customize or improve a scanned document or photo with HP Scan editing tools. Click the thumbnail version of the scanned item you want to edit in the left panel. The item displays in the right preview pane. Click Adjust to change color settings, click Straighten to change the angle of the scan, and click Crop to change the scan to a standard or custom paper size or to crop out part of the scan, and then click Done after each setting change. Click Send to save the scan to a folder on the Mac, or to print the scan.

Open Finder , and then click Go in the top menu bar. Click Applications , and then double-click Image Capture. Click your printer name in the Devices or Shared list. If a Software for this device is not installed message displays after you select your printer, click Install , and then follow the instructions to complete the installation. Set scan as color, black and white, or optimized for text only documents.

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Higher resolution produces better quality images by using more dots pixels per inch. Higher resolution increases the file size of the scan. Use a higher resolution for scans with graphics or items that require the best detail. If you are scanning black and white text, higher resolution is not necessary. Use a standard paper size or select the Use Custom Size option. Scan to: Select the folder you want scans to save to or use the Mail option to attach the scan to an Apple Mail email message. To save multiple page documents or multiple images into a single file, select the PDF or TIFF format, and then select the box next to Combine into single document.

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  6. This feature is only available with these formats. Image Correction: Click the pop-up menu, and then select Manual to display color change options such as brightness and saturation. A Scan Unsuccessful error displays on the printer. The HP software required for Scan to Computer could not be located on this computer.

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    Please download and install the latest HP recommended software for your device from www. These errors occur when Apple's AirScan driver is active instead of the HP scan driver when the Scan button is pressed on the printer. To resolve this problem, enable Scan to computer from the HP Utility. On the Mac, open Finder , click Go in the top menu bar, and then click Applications.

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