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Much the same information can be obtain by downloading files from the Savin printer's built in FTP server and reading them in a text editor. See the screen shot below:. Controlling and finding JetDirect boxes with JetAdmin.

Currently HP only offers a web version of the software, called appropriately enough Web JetAdmin, with versions for both Windows and Linux. Unfortunately you have to register on HP's site to get it, but you can download it without registering from this mirror site:.

You can download the desktop version from:.

Just right click and choose "Properties" to find more information about the JetDirect box, or choose "Modify" to bring up a wizard that lets you change the description, IP settings and other variables associated with the printer. JetAdmin can also generate reports about the network printers it finds. JetAdmin can do too many things for me to describe them all in details here so go download it and try it out.

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Using Nmap from your Linux preferable or Windows box makes finding JetDirects and other network printers pretty easy. The Nmap commands I will be showing in this section are very simple and not very stealthy so you may want to consult the Nmap MAN page or a good Nmap tutorial for more ideas.

You could use a simple Nmap command like:. The output of the above command would look something like the following:. There's one problem with the simple command shown above.

HP LaserJet Pro 400 color M451dw driver download

If you are using a version of Nmap before 3. Since the JetDirect box does not understand what it's being sent it just prints out the probes and you wind up with a bunch of garbage printed out. The easiest way to fix this is to upgrade to Nmap 3. As you can see we found quite a few ports to look into. I'll go over some of the things you can do with them in a bit. By the way, to find Ricoh Savins on the network you could use an Nmap command something like the following:.

Ricoh puts out a good tool for finding and configuring many network printers called SmartDeviceMonitor. SmartDeviceMonitor seems to miss some network printers that aren't Savins, but if you use Richo Savin Aficio printers on your network its a great tool for locating and polling them. Foundstone's SNScan in another good choice:. These are likely network printers. Finding Printers with Google. Sometimes for convenience admins will put links to there printers' web interfaces on an Intranet site so they can easily admin them or pull off stored documents.

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Well, sometimes an Intranet is not really just an Intranet but accessible via the Internet. Google is a great way to find these printers.

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Here are a few search strings that may be of interest:. Ricoh Savins Since these printer frequently store documents where to can be downloaded this can be a real killer for security. Try combining the above with the Google "site:" parameter to restrict the search to just certain organizations. I obtained some of the above search strings from Johnny's site. The greatly truncated output below should give you some idea as to the kind of information you can get using snmpwalk, including other hosts on the same network, their IPs and MAC addresses and the features of the printer along with it's firmware revision.

If you are using a Debian based distribution on Linux try the "apt-get install snmp" command to get these tools. Omitted for security and space reasons Most times the community name will just be the default "public". Basically what happen is the Nmap scan is bounced off of the JetDirect box and any logs on the target will show the IP of the JetDirect box as being the attacker. There are a few problems with these kinds of scans, the biggest being that they are VERY slow.

HP MFP Mfdw access control - Spiceworks

Here is an example of Nmap being run using a JetDirect box as a bouncer. I've used the -P0 option so that the host running Nmap does not ping the target first, lessening the stealth value by giving away the scanners true IP. Now, if Setting up a direct IP printer can be useful from time to time; here are a few reasons why you might want to set up one up:. Your main print server is unreliable. Sometimes cutting out the middle man make a print job work when normally it would not.

Some PDFs used to give me fits when I used a Window server to host print shares, but printing directly to the IP printer worked like a charm. To bypass access rights to a printer or to get around print tracking software like Pharos Uniprint or Equitrac. Rather then waste space on how to set up direct IP printing in Windows I'll point you to Microsoft's howto:. If you wish to script the installation in Windows check out:.

For you Linux users it's pretty easy to set up a direct IP printer too. Most Linux distributions have a GUI setup wizard now, but you can also add a direct IP printer from the shell by using a command like the following:. Of course, you will want to change the IP and maybe the name to reflect your network and printer setup.

If for some reason. I'm rather surprised with the amount of E-mail, Net Message and Fax spam that know one seems to have tried Printer Spam. First, the attacker would need to have something to iterate though printers.

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All one has to do is generate a PostScript or PCL file with the content they want to send it the spam message. The Windows "Printer to File" option works well for this.

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  6. In a pinch a plain old text file will also work. Evil I know, maybe I should not have mentioned it as now it may become more common. This facility might also be legitimately useful for sending out mass messages on a network where your work. While this is not directly related to the article's main topic I thought that some of you would be interested in knowing about a vulnerability with the Pharos Uniprint system. With a quick NetCat command seen later in this article in the sniffing and replay section or an FTP of the file to a JetDirect box it's easy to see what others have been printing out on that Windows workstation.

    Not very secure huh? It seems that Pharos did fix this in later versions, as Edward Burhenn stated in his email to me:. DoSing the network or the printer. As should be obvious by now for those that have been paying attention, it's pretty trivial to cause a DoS Denial of Service attack with a JetDirect box that's not password protected.

    HP Web Jetadmin - Overview Video - Zayani Computers

    Another option for network mayhem would be to set the host name of the JetDirect box to that of another box on the network. This would mess a few things up if the facility uses dynamic DNS for host names. Another thing that could be done is to upload a corrupted firmware to the JetDirect box. This can be done by obtaining the HP Download Manager from:.

    The JetDirect will be non responsive until a full firmware is uploaded again. An interesting side note, you can upgrade the firmware on a JetDirect even if you don't know the JetDirect's system password. From reading Slobotron's article linked at the bottom it would seem you can also upgrade the firmware with Netcat. While I held the Telnet connection to port no other print jobs could be sent to the printer! The connection should timeout after awhile. Imagine if someone used an active connection on the LAN and a command like:.

    See the section above for more info on IPIterator. Because of the relatively weak IP stacks in most network printers there are a lot of other little Denial of Service exploits. I've got to thank the Pauldotcom pod cast episode 55 for pointing it out to me.

    It seems that Mr. Koret found a flaw in some HP Jetdirect's that permanently bricks the printer server to the point it has to be sent back to HP to be fixed. For those that don't understand the term "brick" it means that the device has be made inoperatable because of a bad firmware or an electrical problem. This is a serious flaw since it effectively turns the JetDirect into a paperweight. In Joxean Koret's words:.